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Welcome to the inquiry form. Based on the data you enter, I process the image calculation and design.

Please follow the instructions to fill out.

1) Select the image type – portrait, image, copy

2) Choose an approximate size

(these sizes are approximate and can be adjusted in the correct proportions to the original example: selected size 50x60cm, original 53×67 cm, adjusted to 50×65 cm, size used for price calculation)

3) Upload attachments with pictures

4) Image Framing

yes – if you want to frame the image – the price is added separately for the frame
no – if you want a frameless picture
5) Message: Here you can write further specifications and wishes for painting

6) Fill in the name, mail and delivery address (* only for sending the image)

7) Choose the amount of deposit you are willing to provide for the order (min 30%, max prepay)

The order form serves to gain basic insights into the engagement and contact for its realization. The order is not binding, We will continue to discuss all the info.

I look forward to cooperation and a nice day. Pavel Tajšl

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