National Museum Poznan

Whether by chance or by chance I always find myself in an absolutely unknown city for me. And because I paint, the first building I look at is always a gallery or a museum. This time, I had the honor to be in Poznan, Poland, and on that occasion I visited the local National Museum .

My Polish begins and ends on a good day’s greeting, and then I continue fluently English. With a self-conscious conviction they looked at me, at least, if I did not want to occupy it here. In short, like an ox. They understood, but answered Polish. After talking with your legs, you will pay 12 polls. I will shorten … in Poland in cash you pay only the Polish currency and I strongly recommend not to withdraw from ATMs but to change your money in advance.

Inside the gallery you will go through the Polish art of the past two centuries, which is hardly visible anywhere else. In old art, there are a few well-known paintings that stand for it. Overall, Poznan is a nice city with a rich history and if you have a way through, it is good to stop.