What is difference between Copy and reproduction?

Have you ever asked the question of the difference between copy and reproduction? In fact, I had a long goulash, especially in English, where no one saw a difference between these dates. So how is it?

What is the difference between copies and reproductions?

If we only hold images or sculpture, then the copy means creating a totally identical work in size and technique of execution. Thus, in images, it is a technically identical work, not just the picture as such, but also its background is the board or canvas prepared as well as the original. On the other hand, reproduction is copying but not with this technique. That is, the paintings are mainly the printing – on paper, on canvas and now also on canvas oil painting. Sculpture can be casting, for example. Reproduction is not a human being.

Creating a copy is inherently challenging on the ability and knowledge of the history of art. If the original is available, it is possible to make a copy directly, for example, directly in the museum (note the same or similar size in museums). In addition, copies may be created to replace the original on the exposed site as a protection against damage or theft. The quality of such copies is at the original and only professional level.

From the painter’s point of view, we distinguish the copies to be free and technological. The free copy is usually similar to the original, the same techniques or dimensions are not used. Most commonly, free copies are painted by painters for pleasure or for their own study, and they are similar to the view. The processing of technological copies is an attempt to respect the original painting process, the preparation of the substrate and the final appearance of the image. If you are a painter, it is mainly about understanding the techniques of painting, learning techniques and the final look that can be very successful is a nice bonus. For the painter, copying the most often old masters is a form of learning, it has always been, and today, the art academies contain the conclusion of their painting programs according to the old masters.

What does this mean for me, who I am not an artist, but do I want to have a picture at home that I like?
Inu, you can buy a very cheap reproduction (such as Canvas Print) and you can be happy J. But if you’ve ever visited a gallery and seen real originals, no reproductions around the world will look at real painting and the feeling will not just replace it. If you have a public room such as an office, a guesthouse, a pub or you want an impression to visit at home, there is a real painting on the right. What kind of picture you like or which you choose as an add-on to your interior is just your taste or choice with advice. And if you are a true enthusiast and lover of art, you have a favorite image (which in most cases you can not buy) is painting a copy of the way to please the eye and soul.